About This Collection

The Asian Spice Kids series is a collection of five pre-school bilingual picture books, sponsored by the Ministry of Education’s Lee Kuan Yew Bilingualism Fund.

Each book in the “Asian Spice Kids” series is written in dual languages – English and Chinese AND English and Malay. These books provide the platform to pique children’s curiosity in languages, motivate them to excel in bilingual skills and foster their appreciation of the Asian culture while embracing cultural diversity.

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Coming Up

Chilli, Sharp and Spicy! | Cinnamon, Swift and Smart! | Clove, Bold and Brave! | Shallot, Strong and Steady!

About the Lee Kuan Yew Bilingualism fund


Bilingual education is a cornerstone of our education system. Learning English and the Mother Tongue Languages helps prepare our children to plug into a globalised world and strengthen links to our Asian heritage.

The Fund has been set up to supplement efforts by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the teaching and learning of English and the Mother Tongue Languages.

What the Fund Does

The early years are important for setting a strong foundation in language learning. The Fund aims to nurture a love for bilingual learning in our children from young in the pre-school centres, homes and in the community.

Strengthening our efforts to encourage bilingualism in the early years, especially in listening and speaking capabilities, would enable our children to build a stronger foundation for language learning in their later years.

More about the Fund on http://www.bilingualism.sg