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Star Anise: I can spin and sprinkle stardust!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sharp and sweet
Strength/Skill: She spins quickly and sprinkles sweet-smelling stardust
Physical Traits: A star-shaped head
Character: Dreamer, multi-tasker
Personality: Talented, fast, alert, caring, self-centered, fearful

Cinnamon: I can leap and jump!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sharp
Strength/Skill: He has strong and powerful legs
Physical Traits: Lean and quill-like
Character: Planner, storyteller
Personality: Imaginative, knowledgeable, quick-witted, reckless

Shallot: I can roll and tumble!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sharp, spicy and sweet
Strength/Skill: She releases fiery balls as she rolls and tumbles
Physical Traits: Big and round
Character: Explorer, Spark-plug
Personality: Adventurous, jovial, inconsiderate, fair

Chilli: I can hit the bull’s-eye!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sharp and spicy
Strength/Skill: Sharp eyes and steady hands. Good with slingshot and berries
Physical Traits: Thin with a Chilli-shaped hat
Character: Risk-taker
Personality: Impatient, hot-tempered, playful, accommodating

Ginger: I can swing and toss!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sharp and Spicy
Strength/Skill: Strong arms. He can catch anything with his lasso
Physical Traits: Chubby and cute
Character: The Supporter; The Giver
Personality: Friendly, resourceful, playful, clumsy, loyal, helpful, sympathetic

Clove: I am good at puzzles!

Taste and smell as a spice: Sweet
Strength/Skill: Fast and sharp mind
Physical Traits: Small and dainty like a flower bud
Character: Problem-solver, The Thinker
Personality: Smart, observant, thoughtful, quiet, shy