Reviews in English

“Absolutely charming! Linn Shekinah has created a story that is full of wit, wisdom and wonderment. Parents and children will discover many surprising joys in this tale, and - even better - can savour its delights in English, Mandarin and Malay! A winner!”

~ Adrian Pang, Co-Artistic Director of Pangdemonium ~

Adrian Pang
Nanz Chong Komo

“Shekinah Linn cleverly and creatively crafted the story with lovely characters that make learning and reading fun!”

~ Nanz Chong-Komo, Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author ~

“Linn Shekinah, through the lens of an innocent child and the techniques of fantasy, penned this children’s story imbued with the unique flavours of Asian Spices. The ups and downs, twists and turns in the story will capture everyone's attention and at the same time, enable our young readers to understand the essence of "unity is strength".

It is best for children to learn to care for others at a tender age and this book serves to bridge the transition as they step out of the world of self-absorption to explore the vast and boundless world.”

~ Associate Professor Chua Chee Lay ~

“Fantastic! The characters in the book are very interesting and talented. Linn Shekinah has successfully created characters that are able to motivate and educate the children to be co-operative and help their friends in need.”

~ Isadhora Mohamed, Senior Programme Director, 938LIVE ~